Our story

Grip on quality, process and end result

Engineering consultancy Ingenieursbureau Brink was set up in 1972 by Deddo Brink, whose work as an architect showed him that the construction sector could be more efficient and effective. Integration and standardisation – in many cases using IT solutions – gave the parties involved more control over the process and the quality of the building they were developing. In 1985 the company changed its name to Brink Groep. In 1997 Deddo transferred control of the business to the current management.

More than 40 years after its establishment Brink Groep still stands for grip on quality, process and end result in construction, housing and real estate. But overcrowding in the Netherlands means that more is needed. Certainly at a time when organisations are consolidating, financing options are running out, new ways of working are emerging and the demand for new real estate has reached a low, while the built environment is facing ever-increasing demands.

Brink Groep has grown into a group of companies specialising in management, consultancy and IT solutions, which work both individually and in tandem to support clients in construction, housing and real estate. In all, we number over 225 professionals. Each of us is driven by the passion for our profession and the conviction that we can make things better every day; that the issues that the sector is currently facing can and must be solved. We deliver services and products that make a genuine contribution to this, for every organisation in the chain: from developer to owner or user, and from construction and infra company to government. We often work for large clients but also cater to smaller parties in the sector. Our annual revenue is around € 27 million.

Brink Groep is characterised by creative thinkers and thinking doers. Our motto is to do the right things and to do them well. We are always looking to identify our clients’ actual need (do the right things) and the most pragmatic solution to issues (do them well). We are convinced of the value of cooperation and integration, and bring together parties, knowledge and expertise to produce a clear result. We stand for solutions that are logical and accessible and above all solutions that are proven to work. Solutions that make issues manageable. We innovate and develop, but never without a solid foundation of proof.

We adopt a sustainable strategy in developing and growing Brink Groep. Executives and staff are employed by the company long term, thus guaranteeing the group’s steady course. This has helped us to grow into a (financially) sound organisation that provides a solid foundation for our clients, staff and operating companies.