The Rijksmuseum

Client: Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Government Buildings Department

It is a great idea to think that Brink Groep has made its contribution to the leading tourist attraction in the Netherlands: het Rijksmuseum. After more than a century this monumental building, dating from 1885, was in need of refurbishment. Following a process of design, permits, demolition and tendering the renovation of the Rijksmuseum took four years to complete.

Spectacular rehousing of Rembrandt’s Night Watch

Brink Groep was in charge of site management, assessment of upward and downward contract variations and budget monitoring right from the start of this renovation project. The work had been split into eight lots and awarded to secondary contractors with a coordinating contractor. At the height of this complex transformation more than 500 construction workers were working in and around the Rijksmuseum. A clear organisation structure was established to enable the efficient management of a project of this scope, with so many contract partners and over 30,000 documents and drawings. In addition IBIS4Projects was brought in as a web application for data exchange, procedure monitoring and communication. The use of IBIS4Projects was absolutely crucial, enabling the controlled and transparent functioning of all processes and ensuring that all information was up-to-date and accessible everywhere.

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Bekijk de uitzending van Een Vandaag van 10:20 tot 18:08 voor een leuke bijdrage over het Rijksmuseum.

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